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Sunday Fundays! are fellowship events, geared towards kids, but open to everyone.  Mark your calendar and join us for monthly fun with your House of Prayer family!
Congregational Cook-out- POSTPONED to a later date
Everyone make your way back to church for burgers and beer; hotdogs and lemonade. We are having your typical all-American cookout for the congregation. Lawn games and a bouncy house will be on the menu as well. You won't want to miss!

Confirmation is for those youth in 6-8th grades. We gather on Sunday mornings from 9:45-10:45 a.m. In addition, there are service and fellowship opportunities on a monthly basis. Bring your friends!
Confirmation Class Schedule, 2019-2020 completed! We have successfully completed the 2019-2020 Confirmation school year!  While we didn't end things the way we would have liked, we were able to adapt to the Stay at Home directives and learn from the home and participate in our large and small groups via Zoom.  The Rite of Confirmation will be celebrated this coming fall when we return to in-person worship.  Thanks for a great year, everyone!

When Pastor Eric and I decided to go forward with the High School trip to the Boundary Waters in Minnesota, I felt the pressure to make sure the event went smoothly. This would likely be the biggest thing the kids did all summer. If it was a disappointment, the failure would loom large in their minds. After landing in Minneapolis and driving to Lutsen, things were going well. We spent a whole day in town, hiking to some beautiful falls, buying souvenirs, and seeing who could last the longest in Lake Superior’s icy waters. The kids, some of whom only really knew one of the others, were getting along swimmingly. Things changed the day we entered the Boundary Waters. The wind was stronger than the experienced chaperones had seen before, and the waves were rocking us as soon as we set out. Pretty quickly, the canoe I was in tipped over and took on water, sending our supplies downstream and forcing a rescue mission from our stalwart saviors. Even after everything was recovered, we couldn’t find a campsite near our planned path. There goes my worry-free trip. I’ll admit, it felt like God was laughing at our hubris for thinking that we could pull off a simple retreat during the COVID pandemic. The first devotional I had planned was around Jesus calming the storm and walking on water in Matthew 14. The irony did flash through my mind as we were buffeted by the waves. But it wasn’t until I read it over with the kids that the lesson hit me. “Oh you of little faith,” Jesus says to Peter (and me). When Peter steps out onto the water, we know it is still storming because it is the wind that scares him into sinking. Any trip, no matter where or when we went, would have storms. Jesus calls us to walk into the storm in faith, knowing that he is there. The next day, the waves were calm and the sun was out. We went to the middle of the lake we were at and had lunch. Because we had gone so far off from our original plan, we had this whole lake to ourselves, probably for the best given how loud we were. The day after was rainy and cold, but we made it to the next campsite. One of the high schoolers was able to start a fire despite the deluge, and we all had hot chocolate! That night we spent hours in the tent together talking about our lives and experiences. When asked to list their favorite moments, the ones God planned just for them, the Tent Talks were mentioned by every participant. Our last full day was also the most beautiful. The lake had never been more still, and we again ventured to a distant lake for a relaxed lunch in our boats. That sunset, we saw the comet NEOWISE, and looked at the uncountable stars that night. This would be a trip to remember. — Stephen Adkison, Youth Director
Fill My Cup, Sundays, 9:45 a.m.- on hiatus
High school youth are invited to join Stephen Adkison at Dunkin' Donuts (1525 Bay Area Blvd) for conversation, fellowship, and coffee. Bring your friends!
House of Prayer is involved in many different ways in our Clear Lake community. Check out some of the upcoming opportunities, and give back for the ways that you have been blessed!

Food Drive- Wednesday, August 19

Our friends at the Life Center Homeless Shelter just north of downtown are running low on provisions to feed the clients they house at the shelter. So we will be holding a food drive to help provide for some of these needs. This is how it will work. If you would like to participate, email the church office. Then, on August 19, Pastor Eric and Stephen will swing by your home to pick up your donations. You may leave them outside of your front door. They will be sure to ring the doorbell to greet you when we arrive! Once all the donations are collected, the donations will be delivered to the Life Center. Pastor Winston James and the Life Center staff thank you for your generosity!
Communities in Schools
Please consider donating an item that is found on the wish list at the welcome desk in the narthex. Thank you for your continued generosity as we support those less fortunate here in the Clear Creek school district.
Family Promise, August 9-16
We will be hosting at our church families who have been displaced from their homes. There is opportunity for you to make a difference by providing a meal, or serving as an overnight host at the church. For more information, click HERE.

Feed Galveston, POSTPONED to a later date
Join an assembly line of volunteers in packaging meals for those who are hungry in Galveston County! The last packing event at First Lutheran Church in Galveston saw over 50,000 meals packaged and boxed up for those in need. Be a part of the solution to end hunger. You can make a difference!

Praise Team, Tuesdays, 7 p.m.- on hiatus Our Praise Team is always looking for new singers and musicians! Join us as we prepare for our Cowboy Church performance.
Handbell Choir,
Tuesdays, 7 p.m., August through May- on hiatus
Join the handbell choir and make a joyful noise unto the Lord! No prior experience necessary.
Adult Choir, Wednesdays, 7 p.m., August through May- on hiatus
Sing unto the Lord a new song! We gladly welcome all voices to join the choir.