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ANNUAL CONGREGATIONAL MEETING - Sunday, January 28 at 9:45am
Sunday, January 28 in between worship services at 9:45am will be our Annual Congregational Meeting. A report is prepared to inform congregants of the blessings bestowed upon HoP this past year and items to discuss for the new year. One of the agenda items is approval of the Congregation Constitutional changes. These changes are being presented for approval by the congregation in response to the changes approved at the National ELCA Gathering earlier this year. You can click HERE to get the advance copy or pick up a paper copy in the narthex the next time you are at HoP.


I generally don’t write personal messages, but at times, I find it necessary to recognize extraordinary leadership in a community. I feel so Blessed to have Pastor DJ and his family at HoP. I have watched them deal with their first hurricane, with young children and a new dog, precious Neptune. A member asked Pastor, snow or hurricane – DJ’s answer – “I’ll take the snow.” (Umm, no, 10-year commitment at HoP.) :) But, then, Pastor steps up to the challenge of a hurricane and brings an energy and a strength to our faith community.

We need to talk about service from our members, for our members, and within the area:

Over the past 2 weeks, HoP has helped a few folks within and outside our community:

  • Thank you to Kurt & Sonia Swanson for hosting Ellen Braden; flooded out of her home into a shelter.

  • Thank you to Austin Hagemeister for 30 cases of water to be used in our community.

  • Thank you to friends and community who helped as the following member homes got flooded: Victor & Rebecca Johnston, John & Dallas Meyer, Steve Zobenica & Jim Kendall, Ellen Braden, and for those who just helped friends flooded: (Sanders home, Beck home.)

  • Thank you to the friends who provide meals to those flooded and in need of repair.

  • As a group, HoP went to the homes that needed extra help with flood damage: Stevan & Erin Torres, Glenn Chisman, and Larry & Rhonda Markert.

  • A group of 10 went out on the Bishop’s Work Day (Saturday, September 9) to help with families affected south of our area.

There are still a couple of members out there who still need our help. I expect that Pastor DJ will let us know. -- Blessings, Ellen Cumbie


Click HERE for Pictures from this Wonderful Day!

Thank you to a couple of key people – Gene and Mary Lou Wallin for identifying projects both on and off site that needed to be done, Bev and Stan Curtice for continued support from past initiatives for GWOH, and Nanette Hlavaty for general support. Others stepped in to help lead – Terry and Robert Gonzales, Nina Zoch, Steve Zobenica, Judy Willett, Jenny Dent, Alan and Kari Balusek, Victor Johnson, Paul and Gina Larson, Liz Curtice, Elaine and Rich Simonds.  If I have missed you, I apologize……

What did we do on GWOH? After 2 weeks of walking with our community, we focused on HoP. Gene had identified two off-site projects – one is already done; the other project on the boards.

With the Girl Scouts, Brownies, and Boy Scouts, I would venture that we had over a 100 folks – thanks to all! Here is what we did at HoP:

  • Powered washed the front facing of the church.
  • Weeded front flower beds.
  • Mulched the orchard.
  • Painted the dumpster fence and building; cleaned storage building.
  • Painted the Fellowship area. Carpet was later cleaned on September 13.
  • Painted and organized Director of Youth Ministry office.
  • Cleaned Sanctuary and Narthex areas; Main Kitchen area also cleaned.
  • Quilted for Lutheran World Relief
  • Worked on Uganda Bead Ministry (tagging animals and bag beading).
  • Card Ministry – writing and addressing cards to First Responders, College members, Military and Government Service members, or church members affected by Hurricane Harvey.
  • First Responder totes/bags – due to the generosity of our members, totes were delivered to our local Fire and Police Departments. An additional 35 bags with cards from HoP were delivered to Police/Fire Departments in the following communities: La Porte, Deer Park, Seabrook, Kemah…..and more.

Blessings, Ellen Cumbie

For pictures of "God's Work. Our Hands" from previous years, click here:


Day Camp & Bible Preschool 2015
It was an outstanding week at House of Prayer (June 22-26, 2015) as the Lutherhill Camp Staff led songs, games, Bible studies and crafts. The theme of the week was "Act, Walk, Love" based on Micah 6:8. See highlights of the week here:

2nd Annual "Ashes to Go" in the Church Parking Lot - 2015

Hundreds of people participated in House of Prayer's 2nd Annual "Ashes to Go" on Ash Wednesday 2015. It was a beautiful day filled with ashen crosses, tears, laughter, smiles and blessings!

Day Camp & Bible Preschool 2014
Thank you to the Lutherhill Camp staff, all our campers, parents and volunteers! Thank you to everyone who helped make Day Camp/Bible Preschool a huge success!

50+ Years of Ministry!
Thank you to everyone who joined us in celebrating our 50th Anniversary in October of 2014! Thanks be to God for House of Prayer's first 50 years! Now we look forward to the next 50 years!
To see photos from our Anniversary celebration, click on the photo.