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Family Promise of Clear Creek

Our next week to host Family Promise is from Sunday August 12th - Sunday August19th.  If you are available to volunteer this week, please email Liz Curtice.  There will also be a paper sign-up available in the Narthex starting Sunday July 15th. If you would like more information about volunteering positions/guidelines or volunteer contact information, please ask and/or follow the same link. More information about Family Promise can be found by going to

Guest Family 
At this time Family Promise has one family, Fernando & Mary.  They have 4 children:  Keanlis (10), Kaylin (9), Preston (7), Kernan (6). Some of you may remember them from our last hosting round in May.  Family Promise continues to have in-take interviews for families in need, so I will keep you informed of guest changes, food allergies, and information as we get closer.

A Vacuum Cleaner
Does anyone have a functioning vacuum (new or fairly used), that needs a new home? The Day Center is ready and willing to open it’s doors to give your vacuum anew place it can call home. Just a simple phone call and they will be happy to come pick it up. You will receive a gift receipt for your tax deduction.

Storage Bins
If anyone has some storage bins to give away – the type that can be used to arrange personal items in a closet, Mary and Fernando needs one. Please let Family Promise know; they will be happy to come pick them up. 

Friends Uncorked Friendswood
We are so excited that a local bar in Friendswood, “Friends Uncorked”, is planning a silent auction event to benefit Family Promise. The managers are hoping to attract local business leaders, local artists, and regular patrons of the bar to participate in the auction, which is scheduled for September 12th,2018, at 6:30pm. I hope you can come out and have a good time with us and share this with others also.

Some Doggy Business
The women of St,Andrews Church, in Pearland (Daughters of the King) are hosting a Pumpkin Pup Dog Contest to benefit Family Promise. If you have a four-legged friend, you are welcome to enter them for the show. But even if you don’t have one, you can share this information with friends who do. You are also welcome to enjoy the doggy show from the sidelines. It is definitely going to be a fun time for the entire family, because there won’t be any monkeying around. The date is September 29th. More information is in the attached flyer. Nothing to see here cats… No offense!

 Thank you very much for all that you do to support this ministry,

Beverly, Elizabeth, & Joyce



Our night as hosts for Family Promise:

Dallas and I were overnight hosts for the Family Promise ministry on Monday night, May 15th.  Dallas arrived at church early (surprisingly for her, before the families!) because she was also providing the main course for dinner this night as well.  The families did not

arrive at the church until the 6 pm hour.  For those who aren’t aware, we supported 3 family units this week, 2 Mom’s with 3 children each and a Father with one child.  I arrived at about 7:30 pm to spend the post dinner hours with the families and the night as host with Dallas.  The upstairs of the church

actually functions amazingly well as a temporary hotel.  Each family had its own private space with beds and we did as well.  Dallas and I spent the night in the same room but there are separate host rooms when the hosts are not from the same family.  The youth room worked great as a gathering place for all the families.  They are

actually getting to know each other very well as they are spending a lot of time together in the Family Promise program.  I had to remember my video game days with my kids as several of the younger children wanted to play “Mario Party” and others enjoyed the pool table and the air hockey game.  This gave Dallas and I a little time to get to know the families a little better.  Shortly after 9 pm everyone began to head to their rooms and we made sure everything was secured and then went to bed ourselves.  We set an alarm for 5 am which was the agreed

upon wake up time to get out at around 5:30.  I made coffee for us and the parents and they took along the breakfast bags that Sue Noggle had prepared for them and delivered the night before.  All in all, a very painless and rewarding experience so if you have some internal fears about being a host I hope this lets you know that it is a pretty painless task.  Dallas and I both made it home in time to take showers, take care of the dogs and make it to work on time. —— John Meyer



At our first hosting week of May 14th, there were so many helpers that worked long and hard, that we could not even begin to thank them all, but we will try next month!  As this article is being written, we are in the midst of that first week.  So far, these have been going very well.  Our guests are delightful. A few reminders for Family Promise volunteers:

1) Be sure to sign the volunteer “log hours” sheet to help Family Promise of Clear Creek accumulate hours that can be used in their future funding applications.  These should be available every night.  Since we missed the first few days, I will fill in the information from my notes.

2) Now’s the time to start signing up for August 13-20, 2017, our next hosting week!  Thanks to your generous support, we had all of the supplies needed for this first week.  Please check the online sign-up sheets for August 13-20, 2017 to pick the dates most convenient for you to help.  Here is the link. You can also email Beverly Curtice ( and let her know your preferences.


 Thank you House of Prayer for your tremendous support!


House of Prayer is partnering with Family Promise of Clear Creek, and we would love your help. 

  • Family Promise is a non-profit organization that helps families with children get back on their feet. 

  • These are families in our area who could really use our support. 

  • We will be helping to support about 4 families quarterly for one week at a time. 

Please mark your calendars with House of Prayer's host weeks for Family Promise.  They are as follows:
  • May 14 - 21
  • Aug 13 - 20
  • Nov 12 - 19 and
  • Feb 11 - 18, 2018. 

In a typical hosting week, guests will be dropped off every evening at 6pm and will be picked up at 6am.  Dinner will be served around 6:30pm upstairs in the fellowship room.  Overnight hosts can arrive at 8pm. With the arrival of Family Promise's new executive director, the logistics for breakfast has shifted.  Breakfast can be dropped off at Family Promise's Day Center the Sunday we begin our week of hosting.  We may have some breakfast items at House of Prayer based on the needs of our guests. As we approach our first week, we will get more details about our guests including dietary restrictions and working schedules.

There will be a volunteer training opportunity about 2 - 3 weeks prior to our first hosting time.  This is a very important training for anyone who will be interacting with our guests.  We will pass this information on to you as soon as it is made available.

Thank you to those of you who have signed up for supplies and have already placed them in the Family Promise bin in the narthex.  There is still plenty of time to sign up for supplies either in the narthex or online. 

The coordinators will begin to schedule volunteers soon.  If there is a specific day or days that you would like to volunteer, please contact Elizabeth Curtice to let her know which day(s) and volunteering opportunities you would like. For internet safety, Elizabeth's email is not included here but can be found in the Sunday bulletin and April newsletter, The Messenger. 

Family Promise welcomed their new Executive Director, Emmanuel Favor on February 13th.  

At church, you can communicate with any of the Coordinators (Elizabeth Curtice, Beverly Curtice, or Joyce Miller.) You will be emailed information with a link. This link also gives you the opportunity to coordinate with each other in case your availability dates change.  Let them know of any changes to your information.  Make sure to let them know if you do not want your contact information shared in this group. 

Once you receive the link to sign up....
Feel free to sign-up directly using the link (type your name in the chosen cell, click outside the cell, saves automatically), email Elizabeth Curtice, or wait for the sign-up sheet in the narthex at House of Prayer.

We continue to seek out additional volunteers especially with meals and overnight hosts.  If you have any interested friends, neighbors, or family members, please share this information.

Please continue to pray for a successful relationship between Family Promise, their church partners, and the families we will be serving.