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Family Promise of Clear Creek

House of Prayer is partnering with Family Promise of Clear Creek, and we would love your help. 

  • Family Promise is a non-profit organization that helps homeless families with children get back on their feet. 

  • We will be helping to support about 4 families quarterly for one week at a time. 

In a typical hosting week, guests will be dropped off every evening at 6pm and will be picked up at 6am.  Dinner will be served around 6:30pm upstairs in the fellowship room.  Overnight hosts can arrive at 8pm. Breakfast can be dropped off at Family Promise's Day Center the Sunday we begin our week of hosting.  We may have some breakfast items at House of Prayer based on the needs of our guests. As we approach our hosting week, we will get more details about our guests including dietary restrictions and working schedules.

To learn more about Family Promise and the lives that are impacted by this ministry, check out this news feature on ABC13:

NEXT FAMILY PROMISE WEEK, August 11-17, 2019

House of Prayer will be hosting Family Promise guests from August 11-17.  These guests are families who have been displaced from their homes, and they are participating in the Family Promise program in order to get back on their feet.  The way it works is that the guests arrive every evening for dinner, spend the night, then head back to the Family Promise HQ early the next morning. What do we need from you?  You can volunteer to provide a meal for the guests during the week, or you can opt to spend the night as an overnight host.
There is currently 1 family of 5 people. These numbers might change by the time our week of hosting comes around; but not to exceed 4 families or a total of 14 people. Updates will be posted. 

A brief reminder of volunteer descriptions are as follows: 
  • Beds are usually delivered to the church the beginning of the week (Sunday, August 11) at 9:45am.
  • Breakfast-to-go can be dropped off the day before and placed in the Fellowship hall upstairs.  Guests can sleep in Saturday morning, so breakfast can be a warm meal delivered that morning depending on guest schedules.
  • Lunch supplies can be dropped off at the beginning of the week in the Fellowship hall.  We will contact you if supplies run low.
  • Dinner on Sunday is at 5:30pm, and on Tuesday it is at 6:30 pm.  The rest of the week, dinner is at 7pm.
  • Overnight hosts , please arrive no later than 7:50 pm.  You will need to bring your own sheets and pillow. Guests should leave by 5:30 am in the  morning. Please check the perimeter and lock the doors by 9pm each night. The thermostat tends to reset around 10pm.  It may need adjusting after this time. Please make sure the dishwasher is emptied in the morning for Distinct Abilities Preschool employees before leaving.
  • Beds are usually picked up from church at the end of the week (Sunday Aug 18th) at 8am.
  • Laundry bags can be picked up under the stairs outside the offices and returned before the next hosting round.

If you have any questions, please contact Elizabeth Curtice. 



Our night as hosts for Family Promise:

Dallas and I were overnight hosts for the Family Promise ministry on a Monday night.  Dallas arrived at church early (surprisingly for her, before the families!) because she was also providing the main course for dinner this night as well.  The families did not arrive at the church until the 6 pm hour.  For those who aren’t aware, we supported 3 family units this week.  I arrived at about 7:30 pm to spend the post-dinner hours with the families and the night as host with Dallas. 

The upstairs of the church 
actually functions amazingly well as a temporary hotel.  Each family had its own private space with beds and we did as well.  Dallas and I spent the night in the same room but there are separate host rooms when the hosts are not from the same family.  The youth room worked great as a gathering place for all the families.  They are actually getting to know each other very well as they are spending a lot of time together in the Family Promise program.  I had to remember my video game days with my kids as several of the younger children wanted to play “Mario Party” and others enjoyed the pool table and the air hockey game.  This gave Dallas and I a little time to get to know the families a little better. 

Shortly after 9 pm everyone began to head to their rooms and we made sure everything was secured and then went to bed ourselves.  We set an alarm for 5 am which was the agreed 
upon wake up time to get out at around 5:30.  I made coffee for us and the parents and they took along the breakfast bags that Sue Noggle had prepared for them and delivered the night before.  All in all, a very painless and rewarding experience so if you have some internal fears about being a host I hope this lets you know that it is a pretty painless task.  Dallas and I both made it home in time to take showers, take care of the dogs and make it to work on time. 

—— John Meyer