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Beginning in September, House of Prayer will start an initiative called, “Getting Connected”, as we look at the many ways we can be connected: to God, the church, and each other.  

“Getting Connected to God”- The main reason for gathering toge
ther on Sunday mornings is to worship our gracious and giving God, who is full of mercy and love for broken and sinful people like ourselves. Because this is the crux of why we form this faith community, it is imperative that the worship experience is at its finest, from the preaching, to the music, to the hospitality shown at the door.  We will be working at making Sunday worship excellent, and continually encouraging each of you to make Sundays a priority when you are in town. In addition to worship, we connect to God through study.  From Sunday School to Confirmation to Adult education, there will be numerous opportunities to dig into God’s Holy Word and allow yourself to be inspired by the promises found inside. 

“Getting Connected to the Church”- Communication is key in any relationship, and especially within organizations.  Churches are no exception. Over the course of this fall, you will begin to see improvements in the way we communicate as a church.  The website will become your source for information, as it will represent the happenings and the identity of our congregation. Anything you need to know about House of Prayer, you will be able to easily access through an easy-to-use website.  In addition, we will continue to ramp up our digital footprint on social media, through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These platforms will be excellent ways to stay connected and informed on the activities at our church, and will provide each of you ways to share your experiences at church with both the church and others.

“Getting Connected to Each Other”- No one can deny the importance of gathering together outside of worship for service and fellowship.  House of Prayer has always excelled in these areas, and we will continue to do many of the time-honored traditions that have come into being here at the church.  In addition, there is still a lot of room for creativity and growth, and we will explore these options as well.

Happy to be in partnership with all of you!
Pastor Eric Youngdahl